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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software Review

win-data-rec-home_3876_marketing_migrate_5666-3876.jpgAnother recovery software created by Stellar Phoenix called Windows Data Recovery appeared on our radar. Since the demand for data recovery has increased alongside the increase of malware attacks, we have decided to pay close attention to such programs. But can Stellar Phoenix do the job for you? We reviewed the program to outline its pros and cons and answer this question.

App Profile

NameStellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery
TypeFile Recovery Software
DeveloperStellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Direct Download


Stellar Data Recovery

Operating System Windows OS
License Price59.99$ for this version, 299$ for another technican’s version.
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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Main Features

Like other software by Stellar Phoenix, such as Photo Recovery, we have identified two main features at first glance. The first one was the lightness of the program – it installed very fast, and there is a clear reason for that – it is only around 9 megabytes in size.

In addition to that, the program was very light on the processor and RAM as well. It took up no more that 4k of RAM while idle and so little of the CPU that you may even forget you turned it on. This is particularly suitable for slow devices, like old PC’s. When the program was scanning for and restoring files, it was also quite light, this time taking up to 60k from the RAM and an average of 03 to 04 percent of the CPU’s power.


The second feature we noticed was the simplicity of the design of the program. It has been created with a clear purpose – you install it, open it and start looking for your files by clicking on the start button. Behind this simplicity, the software goes through the sectors of your hard drive to locate any removed files or previous versions of such.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery also supports the scanning of lost partitions, which is a feature that is very important for data recovery programs:

The Advanced scanning process was quite normal. For a 130 gigabytes HDD, the program finished its scan in approximately 25 minutes on a mobile i7 4500U with 8 gigabytes of RAM. During the scanning process, you also have the option to cycle between a deep scan and a quick scan. We recommend deep scan since more files will be recovered, even though it may take more time.

After this the program begun recovering files and the process in deep mode took approximately 25 minutes. It all boils down to the speed of your computer, the size of your hard drive or SSD and the state of your operating system and the files you selected for scan.

Regarding recovered files, the software managed to recover a big part of the files. But keep in mind that this may vary depending on the system. In the testing device, some files were freshly deleted. This is why it is a very relative subject, and you may recover more or less than that depending on the health of the deleted files in the sectors of your hard drive.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Test Results

To best illustrate how Stellar’s latest version is coping with files that have been deleted from a computer, we have conducted an independent test on a freshly isolated computer. This test included isolated partition on the device and the first scan was performed after the files on the partition were permanently deleted and the second scan was performed after the partition itself was reformatted. In addition to this we have used the following file types to best aid our calculation:

After this test has completed Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery’s results looked rather well. While more complex files, such as virtual drives as well as executable files (programs), were unable to be opened, all other formats were satisfying:

What We Like

We enjoyed many features of the program:

  • Low in size.
  • Decent scan times for such type of software.
  • Recovers files successfully.
  • Advanced and quick scan abilities.
  • Very light even while scanning and recovering.

What Is Missing

There were several minuses you should be informed about.

  • In some rare occasions, the program crashes.
  • Lack of an option to scan a specific folder for faster retrieval. You can only choose to scan in-between the Hard Drive partitions.


In conclusion, this software can get the job done for you. But if you deleted files two years ago and have reinstalled your OS since then, do not expect much. In case you have been hit by ransomware such as the latest TeslaCrypt or CryptoWall for which there is no known method for swift decryption, we strongly advise to try with this tool.

Ventsislav Krastev

Ventsislav has been covering the latest malware, software and newest tech developments at SensorsTechForum for 3 years now. He started out as a network administrator. Having graduated Marketing as well, Ventsislav also has passion for discovery of new shifts and innovations in cybersecurity that become game changers. After studying Value Chain Management and then Network Administration, he found his passion within cybersecrurity and is a strong believer in basic education of every user towards online safety.

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  1. frandophilips

    Thank you for great information about windows data recovery software.
    You can also use another proficient data recovery software named as
    Kernel for Windows Data Recovery. With the help of this utility, you can
    quickly recover all lost or inaccessible data from damaged, corrupted
    or re-formatted Hard drive of Windows operating system. The software
    also supports to recover data from Windows FAT/NTFS file systems and
    storage devices like SATA, PEN, ZIP, IDE, EIDE, and USB drives. For
    more information, visit: www. windowsdata. softwarerecovery. org

  2. Juan Carlos

    Hola, yo ahora mismo estoy recuperando más de 500 gb de una carpeta (Copia de seguridad de un portátil Entero), que borre hace meses en un disco de 2,5 toshiba, a pesar de haber grabado y borrado todo tipo de información es este disco portátil, me encontro lá carpeta y recuperó absolutamente todo, tal cual.
    Este verano pasado a una familiar un virus le formateo también su disco en un portátil, este programa recupero absolutamente todo sin pegas.
    Eso sí, lo hice todo a través de puertos USB 3.0 para escanear el susodicho disco y volcar la información por USB 2.0 a otro 3 TB. El proceso de rápido nada, el escaneo unas 8 horas y el volcado de la información unas 15 horas en ambos casos, pero eso si, lo salvo todo y gracias a esto vasi me comen a besos, pues lo habían intentado con otros programas y nasti de plasti amigos. Solo eate pudo rescatar la información de toda una vida y también.dire que mi portátil tiene más de 6 años, un simple doble núcleo a 2.2 GHz.
    Muy recomendanle el software y si tenéis equipo potente, imagino que los tiempos se dividirán X 10. Saludos amigos.

  3. Robert Kircher

    So unless I’m seeing a new veriant of the encryption, the software isn’t working for me. I’m just tried a sample of files and all it does is move the encrypted file to the restore folder I created. Any additional advice?


    1. Milena Dimitrova

      Dear Robеrt, the software does not provide decryption, it rather looks to salvage what is left from your files. You should scan your entire drive fully in order to see what the software can recover by looking and assembling what is left of the files in the sectors of your hard drive.

  4. nima wayfarer

    hi im nima wayfarer frome iran my files is encrypt by wallet suffix can you help me fore decrypt my files ?

  5. Pedro

    Al estar recuperando información de un disco de un terapeuta …es externo me dice que tardará 145 horas ….puedo seguir ocupando mi PC ??? Gracias!!!

  6. Maria

    Bona tarda, sabeu si aquest programa és capaç de restaurar també arxius Krab? Estem desesperats. Gràcies!

  7. jovino

    Não descriptografou nenhum arquivo do GandCrab v5.0.2. Didn´t decryptade any file GandCrab v5.0.2

    1. Vencislav Krustev (Post author)

      Hello, there is no decryptor for GandCrab, however keep following the article with decryptable viruses below as we will update it in the event that a decryptor is released:

      In the meantime, you can see the following article on how you can try to RECOVER at least some of the files:


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